Are you a U.S. citizen unable to enter Canada because of a previous criminal record? Canadian entry is possible for most U.S. felons seeking Canadian border privileges.

Canada Border Crossing

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Recent changes in 2011 with Canadian Immigration Rules and Procedures, allows for more rapid processing of Canadian Certificate of Rehabilitation Applications.

If 5 years or more have NOT elapsed since completion of a prior criminal offense, you may still qualify for border crossing by applying for a Temporary Resident Permit (formally processed as a Canadian Ministers Permit or Waiver.) A complete application for Certificate of Criminal Rehabilitation is a necessary part of this process.

Obtaining the services of someone who can prepare you for entering Canada with a criminal record allows for a much more expeditious result.

Certificate of Rehabilitation

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Joy Brinton and Associates assist U.S. business and professionals gain Canadian border crossing if:

1) You are a U.S. citizen and have committed a criminal offense in the U.S.A. (whether juvenile or adult) that is regarded a felony and punishable in Canada. See the link below for what offenses constitute a felony in Canada. And;

2) It has been a minimum of 5 years since you completed ALL terms of your sentence, including fines, jail time and probation/parole.

It is not recommended that persons with past convictions attempt to enter Canada without first obtaining Canada’s Certificate of Rehabilitation.

Joy Brinton and Associates

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Joy Brinton, nationally known U.S. Criminal Defense Mitigation Expert, has successfully assisted those with previous felony records obtain their lifetime Canadian Certificate of Rehabilitation. Once deemed “rehabilitated” by the Canadian Government, business and professionals can cross the border freely without advance arrangements or border delays.

If you are inadmissible to Canada due to a past felony or misdemeanor record, you may request the assistance of Joy Brinton and Assoc. who will provide paralegal and expert mitigation services, in furtherance of filing an application for Canadian Certificate of Rehabilitation

I am a businessman in Seattle, Washington who has consistently been limited in my career by my inability to travel across the Canadian border and conduct business in Canada due to an aged U.S. felony record. After wasting years and thousands of dollars on U.S. and Canadian Immigration Attorneys, I was referred to Joy by word of mouth from my business colleague who believed that her extensive mitigation and criminal justice experience would prove her to be a successful service provider in obtaining Canadian entry. I found that despite law enforcement delays and constant international political changes, Joy’s application strategy and thorough preparation made the difference. She forged the way for me to obtain my Canadian Certificate of Rehabilitation and enter Canada with a previous criminal record. I can now freely cross the Canadian border without worry or delay thus allowing me more business opportunities and international corporate success."

Business Executive – Seattle, WA


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